Green Your Routine Challenge - Step 4: Rebrand Responsibility #GYR

Thinking back at my childhood, I remember walking to school every day and occasionally begging my dad to pick us up from high school.  We lived fairly close to our elementary school and on some days I would walk home with some neighbourhood kids.  My dad would also pick my brother and I up, especially if I had gymnastic practices {yes, I was a hard core gymnast at one point in my life}.

Fast forwarding to present day, our kids don't go to schools close to our home and on some days they have after school activities in other locations, so either my husband or I will drive them to and from school/activities.  We do, however, want to ensure our kids are aware of other ways to help our environment when we can.  For starters, we have switched over all of our household cleaners and laundry detergents to Seventh Generation products.  We have always ensured that we have a full load of laundry before washing our clothes because we don't want to waste water and energy just for a mini wash.  We are also making sure that we ride our bikes or walk to our local parks instead of driving there.

Now that the school year has started, I've made a conscious effort to have a fresh dinner ready every evening.  For those that read my blog frequently, you already know that I am undomesticated {meaning that I'm not your cooking, cleaning or baking kind of gal}.  While we don't have a weekly menu, we try to agree as a family about what we should have for dinner on a daily basis.

Have you included your children in your Green Your Routine Challenge?  How do you plan your meals, share your laundry duties and plan sustainable transportation to school?

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