balance....and surviving everyday life

Balance.  One word that I am trying to make sense of, trying to incorporate it into our daily lives.  Do I get lost in the chaos and completely forget how to balance my day?  Yup, every single bleep*ng day!

By the time I've fed baby for the 1,000th time, I realize it's already getting dark out and I haven't even fed Lil J dinner or given him a bath.  Seeing that it's currently summertime, that's bad.  What do I do?  Instruct the hubby to get his a** into gear and do it himself since I'm still either {a} trying to put baby to sleep again, or {b} baby is busy sucking away....again.  Or wait....{c} I'm writing this blog post.  Guilty!

How do we do it all?  I'm not even back to work yet and I'm still having trouble keeping the house in order.  Everything is a complete disaster all the time.  Laundry, toys, meals {breakfast, lunch and dinner}, toys, potty time, gymnastics, toys, potty time, bath time, nap time {non-existent}, bedtime {always a struggle}, toys............sound familiar?  My walls are still white and covered in random pictures that my husband likes to hang up.  Our kitchen table is constantly covered in a mound of crap {newspapers, junk mail and just plain crap}.  Our living room currently looks like a toy factory and our bedrooms......well let's not go there.

So someone please tell me how you balance your life.  I'm drowning in complete and utter helplessness here {and maybe part denial?}.  What helps you stay sane in your daily life and how do you keep everything in order?


  1. embrace the chaos! as soon as you cut yourself a little slack you'll be able to enjoy the moments more without judging yourself so harshly <3 you are an amazing mama, even with a pile of newspapers on the table! our house is a giant crap hole too! dirty dishes, toys, unmade beds... oh well.

    1. Thanks mama! Yeah I guess it's a fact of life...you can't do everything all the time! Thanks for making me feel better :)