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So you want to know a little more about me?

I'm a twenty-something mama of two with one more on the way.  That means I have a tween, toddler and soon-to-be baby in our growing household!  Talk about crazy.  I'm also a self-confessed shopaholic in denial.  My husband can attest to this.

Our family - Miss S, Me, Daddy G & Lil J

Miss S is my darling step-daughter and lives with us full-time.  She's a typical tween - 12 going on 20 - and it should be very interesting to see what these next few years bring.  Especially since me, being a tomboy in a past life, cannot relate to anything too girly and Miss S is just that - you quintessential girly girl.

Miss S

Lil J is my baby.  He's my first born and at 2 1/2 {almost 3}, he is the light of my life.  He is also a terror.  Okay, he's not that bad but he definitely has his moments - usually at home, thank goodness.  He is also potty training and currently seems ready for the next step {cross your fingers!}.  My blog is centered on his achievements, accomplishments, stages, and growing pains.  My "Dear Lil J" segment are my personal love letters to him, which I hope he will one day read when he grows up.

Lil J
The little one in my tummy is a mystery.  Due to make his/her appearance in early June, my hubby and I are not finding out the sex and are awaiting a delivery surprise.  Miss S is adamant that it's a girl.  Lil J just copies what Miss S says.  My brother wants another nephew, as does my 16 year-old brother-in-law.  My hubby and I have no reservations.  We just want a healthy baby.  Currently, baby has been measuring small at my ultrasounds so my doctor will continue to monitor the little bean.  You can follow our journey here.

Me at 33 weeks & 4 days!

My hubby - we call him Daddy G around here.  We've been together for almost 8 years and married for almost 3 {on May 18th!}, although I usually forget our anniversary every year.  We usually celebrate our "other" anniversary in November, which is what we've been doing for..well...almost 8 years!  Daddy G is a constant supporter of me and my crazy ways, and even though I may rant about his minor short-comings {procrastination, etc. - what guy doesn't?}, he means the world to me.  He is an amazing dad and husband and I honestly couldn't ask for anything more.  Sounds cliche right?  But it's so true.

Me & the hubs
Although I initially just wanted this blog to be a journal of my journey with Lil J and our family, I've recently opened up my blog and made it PR friendly.  I'm a huge supporter of local Vancouver and Canadian companies but am not limiting my options and have worked with many well-known US companies.  For more information, you can visit my media kit here.

In my world of constant chaos, I'm just trying to find my place in motherhood without sacrificing my style!  Speak to me about this when baby #2 comes along........

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