{swank}mama is a top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger!

 I am so excited to share with you that I have been selected as one of the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers by VancouverMom.ca!!

This is such a personal accomplishment for me since I started this blog only as a means for it to be a diary for Lil J to read when he grows up.  I'm horrible with writing in a traditional diary and figured that since I'm already a social media addict, I might as well do something constructive with the time I spend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

My blog has seemingly increased in popularity over the past couple months and I'm extremely thankful for all of my followers.  I am also very excited to meet all of the recognized local Vancouver mom bloggers at VancouverMom.ca's June 13th celebration event, Fabulous, at the Museum of Vancouver.  What a fantastic opportunity to mingle and network with the best that Vancouver has to offer!

Early bird tickets are currently on sale until May 25th for $25 each.

Special thanks to VancouverMom.ca for recognizing such a fabulous group of women!

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  1. Hi Kristina. I found your blog through Vancouver Mom. Congratulations on your nomination! Do you want me to announce it to people at work so they can all vote for you or would you rather not? I wasn't sure you'd want the whole office to be reading your blog :-) Anyway, I haven't said anything yet to anyone other than Vicki. Congrats again and of course also congrats on the birth of your beautiful daughter! Nicola