the journey 2.0: the waiting game {days 4 & 5 of #bedrest}

Day 4

Yesterday was interesting.  I didn't have any doctors appointments so I just stayed in bed all day.  I got to sleep in until almost 11:30am {don't hate!} and caught up on all of my favourite TV shows.  Weirdly enough, my right leg started feeling sore even though I wasn't in any way mobile!  Must have been lying in one position for too long.

I also hit a milestone on day 4 - baby is now 37 weeks which is considered full term! 

Day 5

Today I woke up a little earlier and took a quick shower.  I had a NST test at the hospital and was anticipating that anything could happen at this point, so I figured I should wash my hair and keep myself fresh and clean just in case.  Turns out the test results were normal {yay!} so I'm not due back at the hospital until Sunday.

The rest of the day consisted of me in bed catching up on more emails and watching more TV shows.  I quickly discovered that daytime television is not extremely interesting - probably the reason why I hardly watch any TV on a normal day.  I also caught up on some reading {Glamour magazine} and my daily online gossip.

All of this waiting has made me feel kind of anxious - especially at nighttime.  I find myself waking up 4-6 times a night wondering and worrying if I'm going to pass my next NST test.  The true test will be on Tuesday when I'm scheduled for a NST test, ultrasound and my weekly checkup with my OB.  My OB advised that if my fluid levels show up as alarming on my ultrasound, she'll have no choice but to go ahead with a c-section.  That really scares me.  Especially since I'm really aiming for a VBAC.

I've also found out that I'm not a candidate for induction due to my previous c-section and the risk of rupture to my uterus.  So it's either I go into labour naturally or I have a c-section.  Definitely praying for the natural route.  I just hate the thought of being cut open again but if baby is in distress, I would do anything to get him/her out safely and healthy.

So now I'm going into a long weekend on bedrest.  At least I still have my own maid, housekeeper, cook, child minder, etc. - aka the husband - looking after my every needs.  I'm definitely enjoying this moment!



  1. Yeah for 37 weeks! You will get weird aches and pains while on bed rest. There is an at home RMT service (Wild Plum Wellness) that might give you some relief! It is amazing how sore your body can get when you are on complete bed rest when your pregnant.

  2. Oh man! I'm sorry to hear you were put on bed rest! I was too for only a little while and I thought I was going to earn a first class ticket to riverview!

    Stumbled across your blog thanks to VancouverMom.ca. Congrats on being the Top 30 Vancouver Mama Bloggers List. I too made the list with the rest of the lovelies.

    Looking forward to meeting you all come Event day... Pop by Little Miss Mama if you'd like, I'd love to have you. I promise the Tea is always served hot, with a side of "did you see what she was wearing"....and the cupcakes have the perfect cake to icing ratio.