potty training: the saga continues....

Yesterday the hubs and I sort of ventured to unknown territory:  bravely bringing a toddler on an outing sans Pull-Ups.  Needless to say, it was scary stuff!  You see, Lil J has recently been asking for his underwear rather than Pull-Ups.  So we figured that he just may be ready to do the real thing!

If only all public washrooms looked like this....
We brought him to the mall because I was hungry and craving sushi {as any pregnant woman knows - when cravings come calling, everything else is dropped or all hell breaks loose!}.  I even took him the dirty restaurant bathroom {not a good sign!} and got him to sit on the toilet - potty seat and everything!  He just wasn't having it and refused to go.  So the rest of the time the hubs and I kept asking Lil J if he needed to use the potty but neither of us brought him to a washroom.  It's an understatement to say that I may have a fear of public washrooms but that's another story.

By the end of our 3+ hour excursion, and still no potty time for Lil J, we decided it was time to head home.  Thankful that we hadn't had an accident yet, I thought we were in the clear.  That was until I heard a little voice say, "Mommy, my pants.  It's too wet."  Lil J had peed all over the passenger seat of my car.  Serves Mommy and Daddy right.  Thank god for leather seats.

A laugh, a quick change, and a pair of Pull-Ups on Lil J and we were ready to head home.  Then Lil J says, "Mommy, I pooed in the potty!"  I kind of knew this was a lie since we have caught him pooping multiple times directly on the hardwood floor and then proudly saying he's gone in the potty.  And I was right except that he had pooed in his Pull-Ups.  For once I wasn't mad - could you imagine if he decided to go in his underwear while we were at the mall??!

So the potty training saga continues.  I know I should expect some accidents and that it's totally normal but I just can't wait until the day comes when I can say Lil J is fully potty trained!

What are your tips for successful potty training?



  1. We are right there with you! Mr. A is still going between the pull ups and big boy underwear. I'm just like you. My nerves are shot when we have him out in public sans pull-up. But one day we'll both be proud mamas because our little guys have gotten rid of the pull-ups all together! *crosses fingers that its soon* ;)

    1. Crossing my fingers! Yup, my nerves are shot too but I'm trying to get him potty trained before baby #2 comes. I hope it's possible!!