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I was texting my hubby back and forth and telling him that I'm getting off work 30 minutes early today.  He told me that his mom was taking Lil J to an appointment she had for his two older cousins {that live with her} so I called her to see if she wanted me to pick him up.  I just hate feeling like we're taking advantage of her when she looks after Lil J a couple days a week while the hubs and I are at work {it used to be 5 days a week but Lil J is now in daycare for 3 days}.  Of course, she gets mad at me when I say this and thinks I'm crazy.  I must have the best mother-in-law.  Ever.

Anyways, I was kind of relieved that I didn't have to rush across town to get Lil J because I had a few errands planned after work.  My hubby called and I updated him on my plans:

Me:  It's so much easier to get stuff done without Lil J.

Hubby:  You always say that!

Me:  Well, it's true!  I can just get everything done super quickly and be out of the store within minutes.  Don't tell me that it's not easier for you to get errands done without Lil J.

Hubby:  Well, yeah you're right.

Ummm....honey, I'm always right.  You should know that by now!

Do you always tell your significant other that you're always right?  I know I do!

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