the journey 2.0: what's in a name {part deux}

The countdown is on and in two short months our family of four will grow to five.  FIVE!!  That's a full carload people, in case that number hasn't sunk in.  It sure hasn't sunk in for me yet either.

So I guess it's time to think of baby names.  We don't know the gender {again} so it's kind of fun to pick out both boys and girls names.  Unfortunately, I have about 5-10 girls names that I like and no boys names!  I'm just stumped.  I have one particular girl name that has been at the top of my list for the last 3+ years, although I am not sharing it.  Actually, I don't believe in sharing names until the baby is actually named.  Am I crazy?

Image courtesy of nameberry.com

This doesn't apply to my hubby though.  I'll definitely share my name list with him and hopefully he'll do the same with me again.  Yup, you heard right.  We haven't even talked names yet.  Typical Cross fashion.  When I was pregnant with Lil J, I found out the hub's name choice when his family asked about names.  I was surprised at the name choice and definitely not partial to it.  Needless to say, his name did not make the final cut.  I wonder if it's still in the running this time?  I'm almost afraid to ask.

I've been occasionally searching baby names on Parents Connect and Nameberry but haven't really settled on one I really like {with the exception of the girl name}.  I'm not sure what the hubs reaction will be about the name.  Kind of afraid of that too!

When did you and your partner start talking names?  Did you share your name choices with family and friends?

Do you have any boy name suggestions?



  1. With both of our children we waited until the birth to find out the big question. We've had an 'it's a boy!' moment and an 'it's a girl!' one too. For our first we went in with a short list for both, but when he was born I felt a strong connection to the name Benjamin. Like, I literally pushed him out, saw his little face and nixed the whole list and declared his name. Luckily, my husband liked it too.
    With our second baby, we made a girl list up but only like a few days before the big day. We never even got to the boy list! Good thing we had a baby girl. However, the girl went unnamed for almost two days as we debated who she looked like. Then it was another month to put her middle name together!
    Best of luck!

    1. The same thing happened with Lil J - we hadn't even discussed J's name & it wasn't even at the top of my list. Hubby asked me as I was waking up from the anesethia what I wanted to name our son - and I hadn't laid eyes on him yet! J's name is a mix of my bro's and my dad's so it's definitely meaningful :)

  2. I was and still am the exact same way! I secretly had my baby names picked out, but my hubby and I never breathed a word to our family and friends. I don't know, we didn't want to jinx anything.