the journey 2.0: bedrest

At my appointment with my OB last week, she ended up telling me that she was still concerned that baby was measuring on the smaller side and scheduled me for yet another ultrasound {I've lost count already!}.  She also warned me that depending on how the ultrasound went, she may make the decision to take me off work early and, quite possibly, put me on bedrest.  Bedrest?!  My reaction definitely wasn't favourable nor could I see myself "decreasing my activity", as my OB recommended I do from now until the baby is born.

Of course I want what's best for baby and for baby to be healthy, but having a toddler at home creates a whole new dynamic.  There is never enough time in a day after I come home from a long day at work to get everything done - laundry, dinner, bath time, lunches, story time, iPad time, bedtime {you get the picture}.  Cleaning is also on the list but repeatedly gets knocked off until the weekend.  So how would all those things get done if I had to "decrease my activity" or go on bedrest?  I know the hubby will help out around the house {at times I think he's more domestic than I ever will be} but things won't get done on my timetable.  It will definitely take a little while longer for things to get done at which point I would just do it myself.

And speaking of bedrest, this is the picture that comes to mind:

Peaceful and serene right?  This is what will probably end up happening:

After I got over my initial shock at the possibility of bedrest, I did some research on it.  Baby Center has a number of articles and forums dedicated to the topic including how to survive bedrest and questions you should ask your doctor.  I also talked to my boss at work and she reassured me that I should do whatever is best for baby.  Luckily, I'm very fortunate to have excellent medical coverage and options that won't interfere with my maternity leave.  Plus having a few extra weeks off work before baby never hurt anyone!

I went in for my scheduled ultrasound on Tuesday and the technician told me that baby's head and legs were growing normally but it's stomach was in the 10th percentile.  I wonder how accurate these measurements actually are but my OB did mention to me that if the stomach continues to measure small, she'll probably ask me to leave work earlier than expected. So far, I haven't gotten a call from her so I'll have to wait until I see her next Monday.  I know she's probably being extra cautious because of what happened during my delivery with Lil J.

Until then, I'll be waiting patiently wondering if everything is okay with baby.  I assume since I haven't heard from my OB yet that everything is fine.

Did you experience bedrest during your pregnancy?  If so, how did you cope?



  1. I had intrauterine growth restriction with both my kids so had to go on bedrest at around 30 weeks. It wasn't so hard the 1st time around because it was my first child. The 2nd time around it was near impossible, the only time I got to rest was when my 1st child was sleeping!

    But we all made it out ok in the end :)

    1. I can imagine with a toddler that bedrest would be next to impossible. I can't even "decrease my activities" as my OB recommended! I'm 32 weeks now so hopefully I won't have to be on full bedrest but leaving early from work wouldn't be too bad!

      Glad to hear everyone made it out okay :)

  2. If it comes down to it of course you will do it. Mamas are like that and you will make it work. It is temporary even though it can feel sooo long at times. I measured ahead with both of my babies and also had babies whose abdominal circumference measured at 90 and 99%.

    The last one had all normal measurements but a big belly...and came out at 9 pounds. My ultrasounds predicted accurately. I really really wanted ALL of my ultrasounds to be wrong but they were pretty right on. Of course there is always some error in measurements with ultrasounds...but they are close. If they got 10%, sure it could be 15% or something close but it would still be in that range.

    Hope you can avoid bed rest if possible! Time for a sit down and a DQ blizzard ;)

    1. If only you knew what kind of crap I've been eating during this pregnancy just to gain weight!! Poor baby. But yeah, we'd definitely have to make it work and in the end I know everything will be alright. Just nervous!