the journey 2.0: confessions

There was one day where I could only see myself having sons - not because they would carry on the family name but because I relate to boys so much easier than I do girls.  I grew up a full-on tomboy.  My love for sports and anything non-girl related was my pride and my motto was "Anything a boy can do, I can do better".  I think my dad secretly liked this and my mom not so secretly loathed it.  I remember her trying to convince me to wear short skirts and lipstick when I was in grade 6 and I happily refused and sported my baggy white t-shirt and baggy jeans {hey, that was the style!}, which I had begged my dad to buy me.

Now that I'm pregnant with my second child, I get excited every time I see a tutu or those cute little headbands. Plus it doesn't help that Miss S proclaims to me every day that she wants a sister and can't wait to meet her baby sister.  Only problem is, we're not finding out the sex!

But that hasn't stopped me.  I've been secretly "liking" Facebook pages that exclusively offer girl's clothing - the cutest boutiques with amazing tutus in 500 different colours - what cotton candy and lollipops are made of!  One of these pages is MelissaJane Boutique.  I just cannot get over the designs they post on their Facebook page daily.  For example:

Even Stella&Dot have taken over the girl's jewelry market with their adorable pieces.  They're to die for!!

Seriously?  Who has taken over my body?

So now I wonder every day if I am actually having a girl.  It would be so fun to go shopping for dainty little girl things.  But is this my excuse to just go shopping?  I haven't bought one baby item since I found out I was pregnant because....well....we have everything you could possibly imagine....if baby is a boy.  If baby is a girl, there's no doubt that my credit card will be maxed out in record time!