the art of the tantrum

The past couple days Lil J has broken out into the full on "terrible twos".  It's like a non-stop temper tantrum from the minute I get home.  I kept wondering if he was maybe trying to punish me for being away at work all day.  Or if he was mad because I didn't let him play on the playground.  Thankfully, the tantrums have been limited to the privacy of our home {so far} and miraculously only usually in my presence.  Go figure.

I came across a Baby Center article today that reassured me that what I am going through with Lil J is completely normal.  In fact, I'm surprised it took Lil J so long to start expressing his "terrible twos".  Up until now I've always referred to his age as the "testing twos" because he was always trying to find ways to test me, but not necessarily to make my life miserable.

According to the article, defiance is a normal part of a two year-old's life.  I'm guessing Lil J may feel a little overwhelmed with his surroundings or maybe he just needs a little bit of loving from his Mommy.  My goal when I get home today?  Smother Lil J with love like I always do but also reassure him that everything will be {and is} okay.  I shouldn't be in such a hurry to make dinner before my hubby gets home {that's on a good day, by the way} or so distracted by my iPhone that I don't have time for my son.  All he probably wants is Mommy's full attention - even if it's only for 15 minutes.  Yes, I'm fully guilty of being distracted when I come home.  I admit it.

So hopefully when I get home tonight, I'll see this smile:


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