the journey 2.0: breezing though

Week 18

So far this pregnancy has been a breeze {crossing my fingers!} just like my pregnancy with Lil J.  Save for the month or two of slight nausea while driving, I really can't complain.  I felt like the first 3 months went by really slowly because I was just so excited to tell everyone that I was expecting again.  Once we did, and the holiday season came and went, the days seem to be flying by!  It's kind of scary to think that in approximately 5 months, we'll have another precious being in our lives.

I'm not sure if this is what nesting is because I didn't really experience it with Lil J but I've been starting to clean the house, little by little.  I have also started coming up with projects in my mind - stuff that I would like to get done before baby #2 arrives.  My mind is constantly churning with project ideas....

Some days I am constantly hungry - nothing I eat fills me up - while other days, I'm able to eat like normal.  Today is not one of those normal days.  And I don't mind at all...I just love food too much!

We're not finding out what the sex is until the big day.  This makes me super excited but also super anxious.  In  a way I want to know because if it's a boy, I can sit back and relax - I have all the clothes and gear already.  On the other hand, if it's a girl...well....I'll be shopping for a lot of dresses and tutus in the days after her arrival!  But I really don't want to know because as many people say, there are few surprises in life and I think this one should be one of them......for myself and my husband anyways.  5 more months!!

While I am trying to focus on this pregnancy, it's definitely not all I have on my mind.  I have two birthday parties in the next few months to plan plus plans to fix up and organize our house before the big day.  Did I mention I also want a sewing machine?  That could be just a phase but.......



  1. Have I been under a rock. I didn't know you were expecting! Congrats!