out of the mouth of: my mother

My mother called me back a few minutes ago and this was our conversation:

Me:  Hi Mom!

Mom:  Hi hunny!

Me:  I was just wondering....could I have your shortbread recipe?

Mom:  {long pause} Are you going to be making them?

Me: {thinking}  Why else would I be asking for it?  Ugh, she's so predictable.

Me:  Ummmm, yes Mom.  Why else would I be asking for it?

Mom:  Well, I just wanted to make sure you were making it and not giving it to anyone else.  This recipe, everyone asks for it*

*  According to my dad, these "secret" recipes that my mother so closely guards are from none other than the Betty Crocker cookbook or Canadian Living Magazine, etc.

This conversation doesn't really evidence anything but does anybody else out there have a dysfunctional relationship with a family member?  Or do you know someone in your family who is beyond predictable?

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  1. I laugh when I read this post. I thought your mom was gonna say something like this recipe was past down from generations ago. lol