the journey 2.0: guess what?!

Since we have told most of our family and friends already, I finally find it fitting to officially announce our secret to my online family......and, if you haven't guessed already, here it is..............


The last two months since I found out has been surreal.  Now that I think of it, it's gone by so fast and it's scary to think how fast the next six months will fly by.  The second time around is definitely different than when I was pregnant with Lil J.  The first time was much more leisurely whereas this time is just hectic - from making dinners, to trying to keep the house clean {not happening!}, to laundry, to getting lunches ready for school, making sure the kids are happy and fed, bath times etc, etc..... Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband and a step-daughter who is completely self-sufficient {in most areas}.

I am now 14 weeks along and already showing!  I love having that bit of tummy back and flaunting it.  It's also a plus that, so far, this pregnancy has been super easy with no morning sickness or nausea {except for the few occurrences driving to work where I felt slightly nauseous - nothing to complain about though!}.  I had written a post when I first found out about the pregnancy with a date by date "journal" of how I was feeling.  After reading it over, I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to share those private moments and have chosen not to post it.

We told my brother and Miss S when I was about 11 weeks along.  Of course my brother was ecstatic but the reaction I was monitoring the most was Miss S'.  And did she ever have a reaction!  She was surprised, excited, hyper and very happy when we told her.  A reaction beyond what my husband and I could ever had imagined, and it definitely wasn't a reaction we were anticipating.  I'm just very happy that she feels this way and that she is "soooooo excited to meet her 'baby sister'".

No, we do not know the sex yet.  And, no, we are not going to find out.

Miss S just really wants a sister!

The weird thing is I don't even feel pregnant - except for my bump and the fact that my appetite is through the roof and I'm consuming 1000% more food than usual.  Don't tell the nurse at my OB's office that.  She thinks I don't eat at all.  I remember feeling the same way with Lil J but this time around I feel more and more anxious to go to my next check-up so that I can hear the heartbeat again.  I know I am just overreacting but I really can't help it.  Must be those hormones!

I will do my best to keep you up-to-date during this pregnancy.  Looking forward to going on this journey
with you all!

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