out of the mouth of: miss s

My  husband came home last night after a mini grocery shop and proudly showed me the jumbo box of Special K Red Berries cereal that he got for Miss S.  I noticed that there was still an unfinished box on top of the fridge.  Well aware of Miss S's track record, I said to her:

Me:  Please make sure you finish the box on the fridge before you open the new box.

Miss S:  But there isn't anything in it.

Me:  So it's finished?

Miss S {quietly and shaking her head}:  No.

Me {more sternly}:  So then you need to finish it before you start the new box.

Miss S:  There's crumbs in it.

Me:  So then throw it away and make sure you get rid of the box.

Miss S:  But it's not done.

Me {back to square one and getting annoyed}:  If it's not done, you need to finish it.

Miss S {getting quieter}:  But....

Daddy G:  Miss S - do you understand what "{swank}mama" is saying?  You need to finish the cereal before you open the new box.

Miss S:  Yeeessss Daddy, I know.


Was that seriously that hard to understand or what?!  I don't want to sound like my own mother by any means, and I'm pretty sure I sound super annoying to Miss S {and I'm glad} but seriously.....

If these are the tween years, I'd hate to see what the teen years will bring.  Especially with a girl.




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  2. Hi! New follower from Bloggy Moms October Blog Hop. :-)
    HAHAHAHA! I just threw away about 3 boxes of crumbs this morning! I can sooo identify!
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  3. OMG! Is this what I have to look forward to as a mom. My baby girl is one now. But, I can't imagine her as a tween. I remember giving my mom a hard time. Don't get me wrong! I was a great kid, and got straight A's. But, I questioned everything!

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies! I cringe at the outlook of the next few years with Miss S. It makes it harder since I am her step-mom and don't feel like I have the "last word" when it comes to raising her, but I do try my best. She lives with us after all....so she has to buckle down!!