too strict?

Yesterday was my mother-in-law's birthday and we celebrated late last night (I'm talking 10:00pm).  By the time we brought the cake out, it was 10:30pm and Miss S wanted a piece.  Seeing that it was school the next day and the fact that sugar does not agree with her (she gets super hyper), I refused to let her have any and told her to bring a piece home for the next day.  I was pretty exhausted last night and not thinking straight and I just wanted to crawl into my bed.

My hubby wasn't home at the time - he was busy picking up his cousin from the airport.  When he got home, he asked Miss S if she had any cake (by this time it was midnight) and she said no.  He turned to me and demanded to know why I didn't let her have cake.  'It was a birthday!', he said.  Immediately, I felt horrible and apologized but explained that it was really late and that she would be up all night.  I think he was pretty mad at me.  Either that or I was nagging him too much with my own demands.

So tell me, am I too strict?  Should I just have let the 'no sweets' after 8:00pm rule slide for one night?  (To my credit, I did let the bedtime slide, by a landslide!).

- swank|mama

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