the journey 2.0

The feeling that I am about to confess to you has been lurking in my mind for a few months now.  I want to plan it as best as I can and I keep working out the pros and cons in my head.  Now, I can't keep it in any longer!  And because none of my friends or family read my blog, I can tell you that I am beginning my new journey.

Prepare for my journey to motherhood...2.0!  This would be my second biological child or third one including Miss S (as you all know, I am a bonus mom too!).  I hope to blog about my upcoming pregnancy and bring you along for the journey.  My inspiration to opening up to you is none other than the Baby Makin(g) Machine!  She had recently posted on her Facebook page that she had major baby fever and I couldn't help but relate to her.  We have become Twitter "friends" over the last few months and have also conspired to have an arranged marriage for our Lil J's.  Yes, people still do that.

Okay, I'm obviously kidding!!  All jokes aside, Baby Makin(g) Machine has blogged about her journey through her first pregnancy and beyond and has inspired me to do the same.  If I am going to keep this up is another story.

So I've been having baby fever a good six months now, if not longer.  Sometimes I want a baby really bad and other times (usually when Lil J is misbehaving) I am happy with just one baby/toddler for now.  I can't imagine how hard it is to have two little ones under the age of 2 or 3.  My friend just recently had her second baby and her son is not even 2 yet.  She's struggling.

We were told by our doctor to wait at least 2 years before we started trying again because of my emergency c-section with Lil J (my birth story is a whole other post!).  Back then I thought, '2 years is a long time to wait!  I'm definitely going to have another one within the 2 years.  This doctor is crazy!'. 

Now I have an almost 2 year old:  a typical, rambunctious boy who has non-stop energy - like the bunny.  I now think to myself, 'How will I manage with a toddler and a newborn?'.  Fear sets in and then I back up two steps.

I would like to get our financial affairs in order and buy our own place.  We need the extra rooms.  Although, we are pretty spoiled right now living next door to my mother-in-law who looks after Lil J while I am at work.  I can't complain.

Another thought is that even though the next baby will be my second born, we will have three kids at home!  Miss S is older and pretty self-sufficient but she is still a kid.  It will be pretty hectic but probably in a good way.

I am also trying to complete a program I just started in school recently.  I'm taking one course via correspondence which seems to be working out fairly well (95% on my first writing assignment and 100% on my first class discussion) although things are pretty busy.

I do want Lil J's siblings to be close in age.  Did I say siblings??!  Whoops, I may be jumping the gun here!  Haha!

I asked my husband when he wants another baby.  He says, 'Anytime you're ready hun'.  Ummmm okay.  Guess the ball is in my court!

Before I had Lil J or even started trying to conceive, I went through the same back and forth that I am going through now for about a year before we started trying.  Of course, everything happened with great timing and I couldn't be happier.  And now that I'm sharing my thoughts with the world, I must be pretty serious about this!  Hmmm...

I wouldn't mind having another year off either.  Especially this time since my work will top off my maternity leave for the most part.

- swank|mama


  1. You get a YEAR for maternity leave??? Im jealous!!! We get 12 weeks max!!!

    I'm so excited for you!! Pre-planning is fun!! I can't wait to follow your journey to #2! maybe we'll have them around the same time!!

  2. We do!! I admire you for having the courage to go back to work after 3 months! I don't know if I could have done that but then if I didn't have a choice, I probably would have.

    Pre-planning is fun and it's nice to be able to talk to someone that doesn't judge :) Can't wait to hear all about your journey too. Hopefully you'll be able to convince hubby soon ;)