spring (rainy) break

Our Spring Break has been quite interesting so far.  I've been enjoying time with my two favourite boys for the past few days.  Miss S was supposed to spend the entire week with us but there were a few glitches (not at all surprising).  It's quite clear why my husband has full custody of her.

Aside from a little bit of drama, the entire family is together again and we're going to celebrate it by taking part in a little bit of old school action - bowling!!

I swear every time I go bowling and use those big balls with the holes in them, I always break my nails.  Must be the way I release the damn thing because it's really annoying!  Hopefully Lil J can take part in it and test out his bowling skills.


- swank|mama


  1. Yay for Spring Break! Hope you guys had a good time!
    I am a good bowler. My mom used to be on a league and during the summer I would go watch. Picked up a few pointers!

  2. Thanks! We totally did. Was so nice to relax with the family. Now I know what a handful J is for a full week lol. Guess I have it somewhat easy but I feel like I'm missing out sometimes.

    My dad used to bowl too!! He has trophies to prove it lol. We'll go bowling when I get down to LA...whenever that will be....