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My current obsession is finding Lil J a bedding set for his twin bed.  Since he's only 21 months old and still content in his crib, I'm probably planning way ahead.  But, as I have learned in the past 21 months, there really is no such thing as planning ahead.  Everything just happens too quickly.  You blink and two years have gone by.  It's insane.

I was in Chapters with the family and came across the clearance wall in the new Indigo Kids section at our local mall.  They had a bunch of monster pillows and stuffed toys and I got to thinking:  Wow, that's a great theme for Lil J's room!  Little Monsters!  I ran the idea past Miss S and, of course, she loved it!  Instantly, I googled 'Kids Monster Bedding' on my iPhone.  I came across a couple from a companies I have never heard of:  Garnet Hill and Company Kids.  There is also a couple monster prints available at Target but I decided they were to "kiddie" for Lil J.  i know Lil J is a baby still but I'm really down with the modern prints. 

I also found a modern print from Kideko at Little Baby Company.  Very cute but a little too busy for my taste.

The Garnet Hill print caught my eye until I found one from Bubba Bling.  This one is amazing!  Everything I want in a monster print bedding set - except it's in Australia (of course!).  The great elves behind Bubba Bling are now in the process of sorting out shipping costs, so fingers crossed that it's within my price range!

Which bedding set do you like best?  Any other suggestions?

- swank|mama

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