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Wordless Wednesday!

My first 'Wordless Wednesday' post:  my son, the poser :)


future gym star!!

For the past couple of weeks I've been taking Lil J to a gymnastics class at our local community centre.  Picture this:  little kids from ages 10 months to 5 years running around - screaming, laughing and crying - with their slaves...ummm, I mean parents....chasing after them, trying to prevent would-be collisions and crazy mishaps.

Lil J LOVES 'gymnastics'.  He's in the exploring stage - carefully scouting out his surroundings while not so carefully running around and crashing into everything (and everyone) in sight!

He now loves tunnels (just like Baby D!), ramps, tricycles and balls...basketballs, soccer balls, spiky balls - you name it!

And more tricycles....

Today we had a near incident - according to Lil J's protective older sister Miss S.  Lil J was calmly playing inside a supersized inner tube when, out of nowhere, a 3 year old girl comes up and plants a big wet one on Lil J's lips!!  Miss S was horrified and told me that "if she was older, I would have punched her in the face!"  Of course, we do not condone violence in our house or outside of the house for that matter but I could not help but laugh at her comment.  She was obviously kidding in her protective, big sister nature and I honestly thought it was hilarious.  And I'm secretly glad that she's overprotective.  Then I won't have to go after the girls and hunt them down when Lil J is older.  Seriously.

If that wasn't enough, Lil J gets bombarded on the other side by another girl (between 20 - 24 months) who wanted to climb inside the inner tube with Lil J.  Her mom stopped her but two seconds later, she magically appeared inside the tube!  Is my kid becoming a pimp or something??!

Wished I had the answers to all my questions....

- swank|mama


the many smiles of lil j

To start off your weekend, I thought I'd leave you with some updated picture of Lil J hamming it up for the camera:

More smiles.....

Okay mommy.  Seriously.  Enough pictures!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

- swank|mama


poor lil j

During the week, in the early hours of 5:45am, I am usually awakened by my two consecutive alarm clocks to which I just hit the snooze button and drift off into a nice, deep slumber.  For the next ten minutes or so.  Instead, yesterday morning I was awoken by the two clocks plus a loud whimper from Lil J.  I thought he was just stirring and he usually falls back asleep to himself so I didn't think anything of it.

I'm in the middle of my early morning routine of getting ready in the bathroom when, at around 6:20am, I hear Lil J start to scream.  Weird, I thought to myself.  Was he awake this entire time?  I went to his bedroom to console him and give him some water and food when all of a sudden I feel something damp.  And wet.  Oh gosh!  Lil J had peed ALL over himself!!  The whole front part of his body was covered in pee and when I took his pajamas off, he started shivering.  Perfect way of making me feel like the worst mommy in the world!!

After I changed his pajamas, diaper and sheets, I held Lil J so tightly and kept whispering, "Mommy's so sorry, Mommy's so sorry".

And he forgave me.

I still have that horrible, empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

If only the little munchkin could talk.

Mamas:  Have you had an inadvertent experience with your babes that just made you feel so horrible?

- swank|mama

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- swank|mama


couch of treasures

Under our Couch of Treasures we found:
  • two baby spoons (orange and blue)
  • a plastic leaf
  • a red ball
  • a green plastic Easter egg
  • a plastic food container filled with mold
  • five dust bunnies
What do you think we'll find under the Couch of Treasures next week?

- swank|mama


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mama v. dada

Lil J is 15 months old and still calls me "Dada".  Even when I constantly repeat that I am actually "Mama", he mimics me and says "Dada" after every one of my "Mama's".  It's cute but ultimately getting annoying.  How dare he say dada before mama??!

Everyone tells me he'll say it sooner or later.  Okay, I'm lying.  Lil J does say mama but only when he feels like saying it and when it's convenient for him.  And he just says it randomly.  Never directly to me.  Because he still thinks I'm a "Dada".  Lovely.  This kid is going to have identity issues.  I kid, I kid.

So mamas - when did your kids start calling you "Mama"?  I'm taking bets from everyone as to when you think Lil J will start calling me mama!!!

- swank}mama


missing Lil J

Mommy decided to go and get some pampering done today - compliments of Daddy.  She went to the spa and got a relaxing massage and a fabulous mani-pedi.  But the entire time she was there, she felt guilty for leaving her Lil J even though she knew he was having the time of his life with Daddy. 

It's Sunday and usually the weekends are reserved for family time with Lil J and Miss S.  This weekend, Miss S was spending time with her mom so Lil J and Daddy got some "male bonding time".

Mommy tried to enjoy her day at the spa (and trust me, she did!) but a little voice at the back of her mind kept making her feel bad for leaving her son.  Even if it was just for a few hours.  At the same time, it was nice to get a little alone time.  In fact, Mommy took advantage of it.  After the spa (and since she was already downtown), she headed to the mall to do some shopping for her family.  The local department store had an additional 50% off sale (The Bay) and Mommy couldn't resist looking.  In the end, she found a gorgeous pea coat and cute top for Miss S. for a combined bargain price of $28!!  The jacket itself was regular $60!

Once Mommy realized she had spent almost two hours in the mall, she ran to her car and raced home.  Well not really racing.  Mommy drives really carefully.  Most of the times.

Then she had to pick up some items at the local Wal-Mart.  Bananas and pizza shells.  Another 30 minutes gone.  Have to get home!!

Finally, Mommy made it home.  As she turned the key and opened the door, she could hear Lil J laughing wholeheartedly and she knew that it was okay to leave him - even if it was for a few hours.  Daddy greeted her with a kiss and a smile and made sure she enjoyed her day at the spa.  Lil J came running up to Mommy and gave her three kisses on the lips (more like full-on slobber french kisses - Mommy's favourite!) and a nice big smile.  Then, for the rest of the night, he wouldn't let her out of his sight.  Not for one minute.  Not for one second.  Lil J missed Mommy.  Mommy missed Lil J.  A lot.

- swank}mama


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