poor lil j

During the week, in the early hours of 5:45am, I am usually awakened by my two consecutive alarm clocks to which I just hit the snooze button and drift off into a nice, deep slumber.  For the next ten minutes or so.  Instead, yesterday morning I was awoken by the two clocks plus a loud whimper from Lil J.  I thought he was just stirring and he usually falls back asleep to himself so I didn't think anything of it.

I'm in the middle of my early morning routine of getting ready in the bathroom when, at around 6:20am, I hear Lil J start to scream.  Weird, I thought to myself.  Was he awake this entire time?  I went to his bedroom to console him and give him some water and food when all of a sudden I feel something damp.  And wet.  Oh gosh!  Lil J had peed ALL over himself!!  The whole front part of his body was covered in pee and when I took his pajamas off, he started shivering.  Perfect way of making me feel like the worst mommy in the world!!

After I changed his pajamas, diaper and sheets, I held Lil J so tightly and kept whispering, "Mommy's so sorry, Mommy's so sorry".

And he forgave me.

I still have that horrible, empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

If only the little munchkin could talk.

Mamas:  Have you had an inadvertent experience with your babes that just made you feel so horrible?

- swank|mama


  1. OMG! Poor thing! We had a similar experience with Mr. A a couple of months ago. He got up at about 2 one morning. I took my time going in there b/c I thought he would go back to sleep. When I got into his room, I felt so horrible b/c he had thrown up all over himself & his crib! His dad & I had no clue he was even sick! It kind of sucks b/c you never know if you need to run in b/c something has happened or if you should wait to see if they go back to sleep. Oh, the joys of parenthood!

  2. awww. My 4 year old sleeps in of course a big girl bed...but one time she was calling my name around 5:30 and i thought she was just wanting to wake up. I called out to her that it was still sleepy time....she fell back to sleep. When i went to get her when it was a normal time in the a.m. Her blanket was on the floor! That is why she called for me. I felt awful!

  3. I know, they say to not pick the baby up when they wake up in the middle of the night so that they will be able to fall back asleep on their own but there have been a couple instances where Lil J had a leaky diaper or he was hungry, etc. You just feel so horrible that you initially 'ignored' the poor little one!

    When Lil J was a newborn, we would swaddle him in those special blankets with the velcro. Little did I know that when putting a diaper on a boy, you are supposed to adjust his 'peepee' appropriately. Well, a few times I forgot to and left it aiming upwards. When I went to pick him up an hour or so later he would be completely soaked right up his back and, silly me, was like 'Oh, maybe these swaddlers are too hot for him. He's sweating!".

    It only took me a couple more times for that to happen that I finally realized he was peeing himself....haha mommyhood.

  4. I experienced this the first time he started teething. He was fussy of and on and I had gone in to feed him and put him back to sleep. We were sleep training at the time and I was already breaking rule #1 of not feeding him. He was still awake and a little fussy so I rocked him and then layed him down. He cried for about 5 minutes then feel asleep. In the morning I went in to get him when he awoke and he had cut a tooth! I felt awful! He was in pain and I didn't know it. I will never forgive myself for that. It still breaks my heart!

  5. Oh no! Poor J! I think every mom has a story like this but you can't judge yourself too harshly. Just that you are being so hard on yourself shows what a good mama you are! I can't think of one though, haha, NOT becuase I don't have any, I'm just braindead tonight. You're an awesome mama, xoxo!!