mama v. dada

Lil J is 15 months old and still calls me "Dada".  Even when I constantly repeat that I am actually "Mama", he mimics me and says "Dada" after every one of my "Mama's".  It's cute but ultimately getting annoying.  How dare he say dada before mama??!

Everyone tells me he'll say it sooner or later.  Okay, I'm lying.  Lil J does say mama but only when he feels like saying it and when it's convenient for him.  And he just says it randomly.  Never directly to me.  Because he still thinks I'm a "Dada".  Lovely.  This kid is going to have identity issues.  I kid, I kid.

So mamas - when did your kids start calling you "Mama"?  I'm taking bets from everyone as to when you think Lil J will start calling me mama!!!

- swank}mama


  1. I am still waiting for the "mama!" He says dadadadada but that doesn't count as dada. That is just babbling right????
    I am so ready for him to call me mama! So, so ready!

  2. Yup it's just babbling ;) But when they're 15 months and more "aware", I'm pretty sure he should understand that I'm not dada lol. He even calls his Uncle JJ "Gee Gee".

    I'd love for him to call me mama too but I've heard that once they start, they don't stop..ever!!

  3. My husband works out of town a lot. When he is in town, my daughter starts calling me daddy. Everything is all about Daddy!

  4. The baby is now saying "Mama! Mama!" when I come in the room or when she sees me. She is almost 6 months, so definitely a little young, but hey...I'm not complaining. I'm living in my fantasy world :) Lil J has a great sense of humor already, "mama' or not, you should be proud!!

  5. Haha, you know you're right once they start with the real "mommy" it never ends! But you'll still love it and it'll totally happen! It will! Really! I read recently that learning to talk at this age is like trying to speak without the use of your lips or tongue, because they can't use either properly, so if he's rockin "dada" then way to go lil J man! But I also hear you, Otto said "dada" for about 3 months solid before the "mama" came. I hated it. And when mama did finally happen on the regular, pure joy!

    I can't wait to read the post (it'll be soon) where you talk about that joy! Yay!

  6. My nephew is 10 months and babbles something that sounds like Mama. Funny thing is he actually has two daddies! So I wouldn't take it personally... :)

  7. Thanks for the support mamas!! I've been working on the mama part but he's still only mimicking me with the dada's. It's really cute though. He'll let me say mama like 20 times in a row and when I'm done it's "Dada?" with a mischievous smile :)

    @mommyeverafter - You have a genius on your hands!!

    @Lindsey - I'm sure it'll happen sooner than later and I'll be sure to post my joys ;)

    LOL @Mama Gaga & @saf&benjamin