what's in a name??

Picking out names for your child-to-be may be the most exciting time of your pregnancy.  Or it may be the most daunting.  We didn't know the sex of our baby but my hubby already had a boys name picked out that I didn't really care for and he told his family that we were naming the baby that if it was a boy.  Oh really?!

We did end up having a beautiful baby boy which everyone thought was named Christian.  And so, while I was still under the effects of anethesia (I had to have an emergency C-section), birth announcements were going out via text messages that our new baby boy Christian was born!

One of his aunts actually had to white-out Christian from her congratulatory card and replace it with Lil J's actual name!

It wasn't until I had slowly snapped out of the anethesia haze that my hubby asked me what I would like to name our baby.  We didn't really discuss names much during my pregnancy although I did have about five girl names picked out.  Girls seemed easier to name than boys.

I didn't hesitate at all when I told my hubby I wanted to name him after my brother and dad.  He absolutely fell in love with the idea and didn't turn back.  Not that I would have had it any other way!  In the end, we ended up combining my bro and dad's name and added my hubby's middle name as baby boy's middle name.  So his entire name has meaning!  Can't wait to tell Lil J that when he gets older!

What did you do when you were debating between 1,000,000 names?  How did you possibly narrow names down?

Help Lisa from Today's Parent out with the name game - her baby is due in 2 weeks!  Mama Gaga could also use some fresh ideas!!

- swank|mama

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