beach envy!

As the summer months approached, I knew that the season of festivals and beaches was soon upon us. Now that we are basking in the sun day in and day out, it was time to search for the perfect beach blanket that could fit a toddler and a 10 year-old as well as my husband and I. After searching high and low, I came across the Tuffo Water Resistant Blanket. I had settled on this product mainly because of its size and also because it looks good! I have the gorgeous Dot version.

The Tuffo blanket is available in a variety of print designs to suit your personality. It features a water-resistant backing (perfect for early morning soccer practices on dewy grass), is lightweight (approx. 3lbs - feels more like carrying a feather on your shoulder!) and includes a carrying bag with generous storage pockets. The printed cotton fabric on top of the blanket keeps you cool for those hot, sunny days at the beach or park and the added cushion keeps little tushies (and yours!) comfortable all day long.

I just used this amazing blanket on the weekend at the Folk Festival for the first time and when I unraveled it, everyone just gasped! It measures 54" x 84" (4 1/2 x 7 feet) which was more than enough room for four adults and two babies to sit around comfortably. Plus, everyone around us were totally jealous of our hip looking blanket! The Tuffo is a must-have for all families that are ready to enjoy long summer days, and nights!!

The Tuffo blanket ranges in price from $39.99 - $45.99. If you are located on the North Shore, check out jack&lola which offers it at $45.99 and if you pick up a copy of the latest issue of urbanbaby&toddler, you can save an additional 25%.

Happy camping!

-swank mama

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