This Is Eight

To say that summer is finally here is an understatement!  We were hit with a heat wave over the weekend and totally unprepared (I'm sitting here writing this post at the mercy of my rotating fan - enough said).  We also celebrated a pretty special day on Saturday - Jadon's eighth birthday!!

I still can't believe my baby is 8.  He woke up telling me how he felt so much older and possibly a little taller, haha!  Oh, buddy, just you wait!  We had a pretty hectic day ahead of us, as we scheduled his party on his actual birthday.  Everything was running smoothly until we had to wait for hubby to get ready (anyone who knows Gary, knows).  

Anyways, one traffic jam later and (only) a half hour late to his own party, we finally showed up at a local trampoline park, Extreme Air Park.  Jadon has been dying to have his party there ever since his older sister's birthday a few years ago and, coincidently, we were just there for a birthday party a couple weeks ago.

Here's a few tips to know about having a party at Extreme Air Park:
  • fill out your waivers before the party
  • arrive early (like 30 minutes before your jump time).  This will give everyone time to check in and have the front desk organize payment, etc.
  • make sure you count and keep track of your Extreme Air Sox as they are given to you
  • ensure that your entire party has their Air Sox and time tags (a sticker with the time that they're allowed to jump until)
  • bring a cooler filled with ice for any items that need to be kept cold (eg: ice cream cakes, drinks, etc.), as you won't have access to your party room until the allotted time
  • bring a water bottle for the kids.  They'll be active for most of their jump time and they tend to get tired/thirsty fairly quickly!
  • kids 5 and under need to have a paid parent to supervise
  • make sure you let the Extreme Air Park team know the final number of your party to ensure that they reserve a room catered to your party size
  • have fun!
Overall, the kids had a blast!  If you're looking for a place to tire your kids out, this is it!  With 42,000 square feet of trampolines and activities, including 3D dodgeball, zero gravity basketball, half pipe and a huge foam pit, there's definitely something for everyone (adults included!).


After the party, we headed over to the Dragon Boat Festival in False Creek to hang out with the family.  Then, we were homebound so Jadon could finally open up his presents.  Ah, the life of an eight year old!


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