Unleash Creativity with The WayZoo Colouring Book

Being a working mother, blogger, personal stylist, nurse, cook, housekeeper, personal assistant, dictator (okay, a mom), I constantly get asked how I do it all.  Well, I don't.  My time at work is a vacation and without the support from my extended family (namely my mother-in-law and my brother), there's no way both hubby and I could do this parenting thing.

All the while, I'm fighting this continuing battle with technology - both with myself and my kids.  Our consistent rule is no electronics at the dinner table or during the nightly bedtime routine.  These are the times when real conversations happen.  I'm also trying to incorporate more arts and crafts into my children's lives - colouring being one of them.

When the popular online furniture and décor site Wayfair.ca reached out to me about their new free printable colouring book, The WayZoo, I hoped onto the creativity train immediately.  Ever since Zoë was old enough to hold a crayon, she was busy expressing her feelings and imaginative nature through her drawings, and ever so careful to stay within the lines when colouring (now, not so much, but definitely pretty impressive for a two year old at the time).  After printing The WayZoo Colouring Book on our home printer, the kids were able to choose which pages they wanted to splash colour on and Zoë got to torment her older brother by drawing her little stick figures all over his finished products.  Ah, the benefits of being the youngest!

So, as your kids are channeling their inner Picasso's, make sure you submit their artistic creations to Wayfair.ca for a chance to win one of five art supply prize packs including an easel, chalk, markers and paint!

HURRY!!  Contest ends Monday, March 6, 2017 and is open to legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec).

Disclosure:  All opinions in this post are my own and is in no way sponsored by WayFair.ca.  The contest is separate from SwankMama and SwankMama has no legal obligation to fulfil the contest.


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