bittersweet beginnings

While it feels like we had just gotten adjusted to our new digs (for one month - more on that in another post), the past couple weeks were all about adventuring around our temporary neighbourhood, which is surrounded by a rich history, plenty of parks, accessible transit and River Market at Westminster Quay (formerly Westminster Quay Public Market).

It was so fun to discover with the kids that we had the world in our own backyard.  We're a couple blocks away from the nearest Skytrain station, River Market, and a park with two playgrounds, a spray park, beach volleyball, hammocks, a concession stand and more.  And we can't forget the trendy and quaint stores that line the historical streets of downtown New Westminster.  I think that's what I really fell in love with.  The history of the city (also, thanks to Pokemon Go and its Pokestops, we're learning a lot more about the city's history!).

We've also been blessed with hot summer weather the past couple weeks and we've taken full advantage of it!

I'm definitely going to be sad leaving this neighbourhood today, but I feel like it's a start to a new beginning.  We sold our townhouse and are on our way to a rental property while we wait for our purchase to close in a month.  From there, we'll start renovations and will soon make another house our home.  To say that this day is bittersweet, is an understatement.

Stay tuned for more on the move!


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