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It’s literally been years since I’ve replaced my eye glass frames and those who know me have probably never seen me with them on.  Truthfully, I tend to hide behind them, usually late at night and usually very close to bedtime.

So, imagine my excitement when SpectacleShoppe contacted me!  New frames?  Check. A positive shopping experience?  Check!

I met with Morgan, licensed optical technician and soon-to-be principal of Spectacle Shoppe, and she greeted me with a warm smile and we clicked instantly.  Not only is she a mother of two young children (check out her son modelling in the window of the shop!), but she is also living with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Hearing this made me put my own life in perspective and seeing Morgan have such a positive attitude about her job and life in general definitely struck a chord.

We got down to business and I gave Morgan free reign at choosing the frames that she thought would most suit me.  I tried on a number of different shapes and sizes, but I know I wanted to go towards a bigger, trendier frame.  Thankfully, Morgan knew exactly which frames worked for the shape of my face and which ones fit properly on the bridge of my nose.  I’m not sure about you, but I had no idea the bridge of my nose affected the fit of my frames!

The benefit of shopping at Spectacle Shoppe?  You don’t have to settle on a frame while you’re in the store!  They offer a unique shopping experience where you can take two of your preferred frames and bring them home to decide for yourself – with no added pressure.  Once you’ve chosen your frame, Morgan will set up an appointment with you to bring both frames into Spectacle Shop and complete your order.

 I had a chance to interview Morgan and get her thoughts on how she manages her time, why Spectacle Shoppe’s unique shopping experience is so important to her, and her recommendation on when a child should have their initial vision screening:

Q.  Congrats on being on your way to becoming principal of Spectacle Shop!  What/who inspired you to become an entrepreneur and how do you balance your time?

A.  It's been a challenge and an awesome but sometimes scary adventure. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and with that my health has always been one of my greatest fears, but after two very big life events (first the lost of my brother and second the birth of my children), I knew that I wanted to follow that voice inside my heart. It’s this voice that challenges my fears. 

I serve my clients, and especially moms, with genuine passion for helping them find eyewear that gives them that extra boost of confidence.  As a mom of two young children with busy mornings (which is very often), my eyewear is the only thing I put on so I want my glasses to make me glow.  I know this perspective makes me unique, and I’m proud to own it and share it with my clients so that they always feel like they are leaving our store with something extra special.

As far as balance, I think it’s always a struggle being a mom and an entrepreneur. I recently decided to change my work schedule and be in the store from Monday to Friday for a more stable and predictable work week.  I’m really hoping that having weekends off will provide with more time to reconnect with my family. My kids and my husband are my biggest source of inspiration and they truly keep me re-energized. 

Q.  We really enjoyed our fitting session with you and the fact that we didn't have to settle on a frame in the store.  Tell us how Spectacle Shoppe came up with this unique shopping experience and how you feel it benefits your clients.
A.  I want our clients to have the eyewear that fits their lifestyle and wardrobe with ease.   We noticed that even if you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, most people find that the photos on our website rarely do justice to the fine detailing that makes our frames special. We pride ourselves on carrying the most up-to-date styles from a number of the best eyewear manufacturers in the world and when our customers start to experiment in our store with all of the different options, they really begin to see how each piece becomes an accessory instead of just eyewear. 

We also noticed that our regular clients sometimes have a hard time narrowing their choices down to one pair and, because we respect that eyewear is a personal piece as well as an investment piece, we decided to offer something special and stress-free for clients in the selection process. Voila! We’ve been providing our regular clients this service for a number of years now. 

Q.  At what age do you recommend that kids have their first eye exam? 
A.  A common misunderstanding is that children need to be able to read or talk to have their eyes examined.  However, a child should have their first eye exam when they're 6 months old, with follow-up exams at 3 years old and 5 years old (before starting school), followed by regular annual exams to ensure that potential eye disorders don’t go undetected. These eye exams are so important because kids, unlike adults, don't know when they have challenges to their vision. 

Looking for more information about glasses and children?  Spectacle Shoppe has published three articles on their blog to help you and your child enjoy their glasses/sunglasses:

Connect with Spectacle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit them in store at 5683 West Boulevard in Vancouver!

Disclosure:  The views expressed in this review are my own and do not represent the opinions or views of  Spectacle Shoppe.  We received complimentary frames from Spectacle Shoppe in order to conduct this review.

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