Our WeDay Vancouver Experience with TELUS

It's not every day that you open up an email with 'WeDay' in the subject line, but the morning it happened to me, I nearly screamed and had to do a double take.  Then a triple take.  TELUS actually wanted me to join them in their suite at Rogers Arena to watch WeDay.  Ummm, YES!

Being a step-parent to my 14 year old daughter has allowed me to look back and try to remember the issues I faced when I was her age.  I feel that in doing this, I'm able to relate to her better and help her deal with any issues she may be facing as she grows into a young adult.
By having inspirational days like WeDay, which is geared towards positively influencing a generation of young citizens by making them aware of global issues and increasing their self-esteem and self-worth along the way, we're driving a generation to succeed and to empower each other in doing so.  I, myself, felt such a strong charge of positive energy in the arena that I couldn't help but be excited and feel uplifted, knowing that these kids have WeDay to look forward to each year.

Not only are these kids given support and guidance in how to make a positive influence in our world, they're also treated to special appearances and performances from their favourite celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and newcomer Shawn Mendes.
WeDay also introduced their global platform for social change to us:  Free The Children, Me to We, We Act and We Day.  Each one of these platforms have the same message; to shift the change from 'me' to 'we' and educate individuals to the power of community.

I'll never forget my first WeDay experience, which I was able two share with my good friend Jessica from North Shore Mama, as well as other positive influencers in the community.  To learn more about WeDay and their global initiatives, head over to their website and find out how their founders, Craig and Marc Kielburger, are driving their beliefs and bringing them to the awareness of our young communities.

Thank you to TELUS for making my first, and hopefully not last, WeDay a day to remember!

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