{Convos with Lil J} That dreaded question + his second language

Living with a four year old equals some pretty funny conversations - especially if that four year old seems to be learning a number of things from preschool.  Here are some of the highlights from this week:
CONVO #1 - in the lobby of the Old Spaghetti Factory, no less

LIL J:  Where do babies come from?

ME:  What? {laughing}  Why are you asking me?  Ask Daddy {still laughing}.

LIL J:  {smiles, looks at Daddy, looks back at me with a smirk}

ME:  Come on, go ask Daddy.  Don't be shy!  Go on, ask him what you just asked me {trying so hard not to laugh}

LIL J:  Daddy, do you like my new toy?

ME:  Nooooo, ask him the question just asked me!

LIL J:  Do you like my new toy Mommy?

ME:  Why are you being so shy?  Just ask Daddy! {laughing really hard now and can barely get the words out}

LIL J:  {smirking again}

ME:  Hey babe, he wants to know where babies come from.

HUBBY to LIL J:  They come from Mommy's belly.

LIL J:  Yeah I know that.  {Hubby walks away}  Hehehe, they come from EGGS!!

ME:  WTF?! {that was a thought, not actually spoken}  Where did you learn that from?  School? {I look up and a woman in the lobby is trying her hardest to contain her laughter. She's not doing a very good job}.

LIL J:  No, I just know.

Well, okay Mr. Smarty Pants.  End of discussion.

{Also, a lady was trying her hardest to control her laughter.  She didn't do to well.}

CONVO #2 - at home

LIL J:  Un, deux, trois.... {counts up to 10 in French}

ME:  {out of total curiosity}  Have you learned any other words in French {in school}?

LIL J:  No.

ME:  Do you know what bonjour  means?

LIL J:  No.

ME:  It means hello.

LIL J:  Au revoir!  Hehehe.

ME:  Seriously?!  You totally played me!  {Lil J is laughing at me now}

All this French?  He's learning it in preschool.  Pretty cool.

So there you have it.  My fabulous conversations with my extremely intelligent son.  Yes, I'm bragging and, no, I'm not going to stop.

We'd love to hear your recent conversations with your kiddos.  Share away in the comments below!

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