Meet The Newest Additions to Fisher-Price's Little People Family! #FPLittlePeople


If it's the last shred of innocence that my kids have, I hope they keep their imaginations.  Just imagine the world of possibilities if their minds continued to run wild!  For instance, when Lil J was two, he had an imaginary friend named Melba.  It was a little creepy to me but to Lil J, it was his...well...imaginary friend.  I didn't encourage it {I mean, the name - Melba toast!} but I didn't discourage it either.  I just figured the infatuation of Melba would eventually wear off.  And it did.  It lasted no less than two weeks.

Fisher-Price has been encouraging imaginations for decades and have recently launched five new additions to their Little People family:  Eddie, Mia, Sofie, Tessa and Koby!  The kids had a chance to play with the newest Little People and what did they do?  Lil J took out his old Fisher Price farm and zoo sets so that he and his little sister could give their new "friends" a "new home".  Talk about using their imaginations!

After trying in vain to take pictures of Lil J and Baby Z playing with their new Little People set, we've decided to introduce you to Koby, Tessa, Eddie, Sofie and Mia!

To learn more about each of the five new Little People, visit Fisher-Price and meet the friends yourself!

Who is your little one's favourite new Little People?

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