SwankFinds: Travel Essentials for Kids

If there's one thing about travelling with a family of five, we are big believers about finding the necessary essentials and packing for the "just in case" scenarios.  Case in point:  during our recent visit to Las Vegas, one of our checked-in luggage went missing {and, as we found out later, was left in Vancouver} and Baby Z was left to fend for herself.  Luckily, I had packed a few backup solutions for Baby Z but only had five diapers with no idea where our luggage ended up.  Sure, we could easily head to the Strip to buy her diapers and necessary essentials while we waited for news on her suitcase, but it would have been easier for us to have those essentials on hand.

Here, we've rounded up our favourite travel essentials for kids:

  1. Trunki Suitcase by Melissa and Doug {$49.99}:  This is an absolute must-have for anyone with kids.  This versatile suitcase is kid and adult-friendly - kids can ride through the airport with ease on top of the suitcase while an adult pulls them, making travel easier on everybody.  Lil J loves his Trunki and I can't wait to get one for Baby Z.  Trunki is available at Lusso Baby.
  2. Kidz Gear Headphones {$19.99}:  When travelling with kids, every parent knows that they have to come prepared with tricks up their sleeves to survive the airplane ride to and from their destination.  Kidz Gear kid-friendly headphones complete with a volume limit is safe for kids and heaven for adults.  Plus they come in a variety of bright colours guaranteed to get your kids excited for their flight - long or short.  Available online.
  3. Vonbon Infinity Cowls {$36.50}:  It can get chilly on the plane and those little necks could use some warming up!  Vonbon has a stylish solution with their adorable infinity cowls in their trademark neutral patterns that are designed exclusively by them.  If that wasn't enough, Vonbon is just about to launch infinity cowls for adults!  Finally us parents can be as on-trend as our children!  Available online at vonbon.ca.
  4. The Honest Co. Diapers {$13.95 per single jumbo pack}:  Honestly, diapers aren't known to be adorable - they're just known to hold our baby's accidents and no one thinks anything else of it.  The Honest Co. has definitely changed the diaper game with their collection of exclusive designs including peacocks, anchors and stripes, and even dinosaurs!  Plus they now ship to Canada!!  Available online.
  5. iPad Mini:  I mean, come on.  Yes, the children of today are extremely spoiled with technology but the iPad is nothing short of a genius {and, sadly, a built-in babysitter}.  If you're looking for multiple distraction techniques, the iPad is a must.  Available online via Apple.
  6. Indigo Baby Hooded Fur Wrap {$24.50}:  Don't want those rough hotel towels touching your baby's precious skin?  Invest in an Indigo hooded wrap made of plush, luxurious faux fur.  Perfect just out of the bath or just to cuddle your little babe in.  Available online at chapters.ca.
  7. FUN by LUSH Cosmetics {$6.95}:  Not only does FUN smell fabulous but it also makes bathtime and playtime FUN for your littles!  FUN is a 4 in 1 multipurpose genius:  shampoo, soap, bubble bath and moldable toy all rolled in one!  Our favourite FUN for this holiday season is sweet honey toffee in gold.  Available at LUSH stores and online.
  8. Planet Box Bento Lunch Boxes {prices vary}:  We love the convenience of bento lunch boxes and Planet Box is no exception!  Made with stainless steel and non-toxic materials, Planet Box comes in a variety of sizes to fit your little one's appetite needs.  Plus it eliminates the need for multiple food containers which makes travelling with your Planet Box a breeze!  Available online at planetbox.com.
  9. gogo Kidz Travelmate Car Seat Cart {$89.99}:  You don't realize how much baggage {literally!} you'll have until you travel with kids.  gogo Kidz aims to make your trek through the airport easier with their Travelmate car seat cart.  Not only does it conveniently roll your child's car seat but you child can also ride in the seat!  Available online at gogobabyz.com.
  10. Vapur Flexible Water Bottle {$9.09 CAD on sale}:  A foldable water bottle?  Say it isn't so!  Convenience is the key when travelling with a family and the Vapur flexible water bottle is perfect and practical for the entire family, not to mention environmentally-friendly.  Available online at raspberrykids.com.

I'm so excited to be able to share these amazing finds with you!  While a number of the items on our SwankFinds lists may have been personally used/tested/reviewed by moi, only the elite few will make the list. And there will be items that have never touched my fingers, items that I could only dream of having and items that just deserve to be considered a swank find.  Enjoy!

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