i'm a social media addict and i have a problem #iphone #ios7

Today my life ended.

Okay, not literally but possibly figuratively.  Let me explain...

I left my lifeline at home today.  No, not my espresso or my Marc by Marc Jacobs purse.  My phone.  My iPhone that I just updated to iOS 7 last night - I waited two freakin' hours almost into the next day for my phone to display this beauty:

And so all day long I kept looking at my desk where my phone usually sits.  I even Googled how phone technology has changed and thought about how I should be thankful of today's technology.

{Hey, you '90s kids!  Remember pagers beepers?!  Those were SO cool!}

But I really didn't care about how the iPhone got into my hand.  I cared that it wasn't in my hand.  Only 4 and a half more hours to go, I thought to myself at lunchtime.  Only 1 and a half more hours to go, I thought to myself as I was slowly nodding off during a presentation at our department meeting {data is not really my thing}.  Social media was screaming my name!

Then, to top it all off, I was stuck in a traffic jam for almost an hour trying to get over one of our two bridges out of the North Shore.  Nice.  Just *$&#ing nice!  And, yes, I did wonder if my husband was getting worried about where I was and, yes, he was in his pajamas watching some crappy movie when I got home and had no idea what time it was.

Just.  Nice.

But, hey, I was home.  And my lover precious phone was finally back in my arms hands.

What did we ever do without our smart phones?  What did you do before phones?

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