Staycation {Day 2}: Lazy Sunday + a #BTS Shopping Spree #CrossFamilyStaycation

Last Sunday was day two of our staycation and could definitely be classified as a 'Lazy Sunday'.  After a crazy night out with the girls, my body mind was in no shape to be my usual 'let's go do something' self.   I lounged on the couch with my two littles and just enjoyed not having to rush to be anywhere at a certain time.  However, the weather was gorgeous and we did have to get out of the house eventually since a preschooler and a toddler does not equal fun times trapped inside a house all day long.
Our first stop was Metrotown which was {a} indoors despite the beautiful weather and {b} the perfect place to start a little back-to-school shopping for Lil J.  I let him pick out a bunch of outfits himself and, of course, he settled for a number of licensed character tees:

It was an easygoing day and must have been very relaxing for me seeing as I didn't really take any pictures.  Guess I was too busy recovering...

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