back to work: easing into early mornings and long days

Last week.

What was last week again?  It all seems like such a blur.

Monday was fine.  It was my last day of maternity leave and I spent it relaxing with the kids at Granville Island.  Hubby even came and met us after lunch, and we sent a blissful afternoon in the Vancouver sunshine.  Work was far from my mind but it was definitely there.

{That "work" thing was like a three year old kid standing in front of you repeating the same thing over and over and over.  I wanted that little voice in my mind to shut up and go away.  It didn't happen.}.

Selfies at Granville Island
Then came Tuesday.  I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks.  My new wake-up call started at 5:30am with my phone alarm and then my alarm clock blaring in unison.  Five minutes later, I finally woke up and hit snooze.  Ten minutes, 25 emails {half of them junk} and a quick check of my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, I dragged myself out of bed.

5:45am.  Geez, the last time I saw those numbers together must have been when Baby Z was begging for food.  Even then, I'm not sure if it was 5:45am or 3:45am.  Or maybe it was 4:35am.  I'm pretty much delirious now.

Since it was my big first day back, I decided to go all out and curl my hair.  Given how time consuming the whole process is, it definitely won't be a regular occurrence.  Then, it was time to wake Lil J up {poor kid} and feed us both.  And then it was Baby Z's turn and off to work I rushed.

Leaving the kids wasn't hard at all.  It's not that I don't miss them during the day, it's that we have an amazing person looking after our kids - my mother-in-law.  We really lucked out in the fact that the kids are with someone we trust and who loves our kids like crazy.  In fact, the second I got home, Lil J walked up to me with an angry scowl on his face and yelled, "I don't want to go home!!".  Well, I missed you too buddy!!


Obviously, he's having way too much fun while I'm slaving at work all day long.  And what mother doesn't want that for her kids?  As for Baby Z - apparently she's a perfect baby and never cries.  Must be nice!  Kidding aside, I'm glad she's taking the transition well and very happy that she doesn't need me 24/7.  Having two young kids that are extremely independent makes the evenings after a long day at work a lot easier on hubby and myself.

Perfect mid-morning snack!
I'm currently into week two of my "back to work" saga and, so far, I'm barely surviving.  But we do what we have to do, right?  At least for the time being...

My view ain't half bad!

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