what to do when your hubby hijacks the washroom

12:30am - Friday Night

When your hubby hijacks the washroom for an hour and a half {possibly two hours}, you:
  1. Watch the rest of the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta {which was PVR'd from earlier in the week and then paused...and paused and paused...}.
  2. Begin to write 1-2 blog posts and then realize that your pictures are on the other computer which is currently being scanned for deathly viruses {and has no intention of stopping until the next century}.
  3. Surf endlessly {not efficiently} on all social media networks to make sure all bases are covered.  Pretty sure every single one is now times 10.
  4. Look at what people are currently tweeting, refresh and refresh again, and then realize that nobody is really tweeting because it is 12:37am now and they're either {a} asleep, or {b} too drunk to be tweeting {it is Friday night after all}.
  5. Knock on the bathroom door again and find out hubby is now in the shower and thought that you just needed to take a piss {yes, we only have ONE bathroom}.
  6. Look at the blank tv screen and contemplate whether or not you should start another PVR'd show {Real Housewives episodes are up-to-date now - is there anything else really worth watching?}.
  7. Want to scream at your hubby for being such a girl and just get out of the freakin' washroom already but you can't because then you'll wake up the baby.  And that is NOT an option.
  8. Try to think about what else you can add to this list.
  9. Contemplate whether or not you should have another glass of wine.  The answer is YES.  It always is.
  10. Write this post and hope that somewhere in this world, another woman can relate to you.  I'm highly doubting this.  My hubby is one-of-a-kind {and I'm not sure if it's in a good way at the moment}.
I just need to take a shower, dammit!

What do you do when you're forced to stay up and all you really want to do is get your beauty sleep on?

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