#SpringBreak 2013 Recap

Over the last two weeks, we've been enjoying Lil J's Spring Break {Miss S went back to school last week} and have we ever been busy!  It seems that whenever the kids are on holidays, I take a holiday from this blog.  Either I get caught up in the busyness or I just get plain lazy.

The first few days were filled with playdates for Lil J and catching up on much needed gossip with my close friends.  It's funny how much time we don't spend actually talking compared to the time we spend making sure our boys aren't throwing sand at each other or wrestling each other to the ground.

There was also some sibling bonding time:

Then it was my mother's birthday and I ended up surprising her by showing up at dim sum with the kids, with some careful scheming with my dad!  Lil J picked out a beautiful bouquet of red and purple flowers for his Po Po.

I was also able to sneak out for a couple hours to check out the Crate & Barrel grand opening at Vancouver's Oakridge Mall.  What's better than catching up with fellow mommy bloggers and local media over a glass of wine and tasty appies?

We had amazing weather and seemingly higher than normal temperatures for the end of March.  Our first weekend was spent in Bellevue, Washington, where we stayed at our favourite hotel for a couple nights, The Hyatt Regency Bellevue.  Never failing to impress with its chic decor and friendly hospitality, we had another amazing stay at the Hyatt.  Over the next few days, we shopped our way around the city and met up for a few lunches and dinners with Miss S' relatives.

My road trip buddy:  the Nokia Lumina 620

Enjoying the hotel life at The Hyatt Regency Bellevue

Shopping...where else?!

Skybridge to a shopaholic's dream

The next week called for more playdates for Lil J:

Looking for bugs and their houses

Some fun in the sun at Granville Island:

A first for Baby Z - sitting in a shopping cart with her big brother!

And many, many bicycle rides:

We ended Spring Break off today with a free movie at a local theater, The Dolphin Theater, dinner at Anton's {I think I'm still stuffed}, and another bike ride!

How did/will you spend your Spring Break this year?

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