A 13th Birthday Party For a True Belieber!

"Like seriously? No waaaayyyy!!!! Like TOTALLY!!! HeheheheheheHAHAHAHA!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!"

That was just a preview of my night while a group of six teenage girls descended on the Cross household. It. Was. Scary.

All kidding aside, it was an extra special night for my beautiful Miss S who had turned the big 1-3 on Friday. It's surreal for me to even say that. It only seems like yesterday that I was meeting her for the first time - a quiet, shy five year-old who grabbed my hand from the backseat of the car, as I rode in the front, and held it the entire way to her Grandma's house. It was a long awaited reunion for Miss S and her dad {my now hubby}, and the end of a heart-wrenching saga and the beginning of a new life together. I won't get into the details but I can't believe that this weekend we were celebrating the start to Miss S' teenage years!

It all started off Friday with a trip to Miss S' school to deliver a container of goodies, and my week-long labour of love, cookie dough cupcakes. I got the recipe via Half Baked and they were a hit!

After school we headed off to a local gelato favourite, La Casa Gelato, to pick up her birthday cake {vanilla cookie dough, of course!} and an obligatory birthday ice cream:

Her special day ended off with a Daddy and daughter date night at the Alicia Keys concert. Always putting on a classy show, Ms. Keys made sure to make Miss S' night magical.

If you follow me via Instagram {which you should be!}, you would have seen me post the party shenanigans as they were happening. I tried not to use any of the girls' images due to privacy issues and may have missed a few classic tween/teenage moments because of that, such as "putting makeup on your friend's face while blindfolded". I'm sure her mother wasn't too happy when she picked her daughter up at midnight. Oh well!

The main theme of the party was purple and Justin Bieber {of course!}. I made tissue pom poms for the first time and decorated the table with purple, white and black elements. It was more of a casual sleepover party so I didn't end up going all out, but I did try to work with what I had.

A special appearance from the Biebs himself {carboard cut-out version}!

Party favours and a party-pooped looking JB!

The girls had another special male guest a la Lil J! He was a total ladies man and stole the girls' hearts. Poor Miss S had to share the party!

I leave him for a minute and find him on top of three of the girls.  Oh Lil J!

And then it was time for cake:

After a trip to the local mall and the movies, and a night of giggling and gossip, the girls finally fell asleep at an ungodly hour {I can only imagine!}. Unluckily for them, it was also daylight savings time which meant they lost an hour of beauty sleep. Girls.

One party down, two to go...

Stay tuned!



  1. Oh what a great way to celebrate!! Happy birthday to your baby :)

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