if another mother yelled at your child, what would you do?

I took the kids to our local Gymboree today and while I was inquiring about birthday party packages, I hear Lil J say in a stern voice, "NO!  That's MY baby!".  I turned around to hear another mother start to chastise my kid in a rude tone {and borderline yelling}, "I know but you almost knocked her down!".  Usually I'm pretty quick with comebacks and am surprised that I just stood there silently while the mother turned around and continued to yell at her own two boys {all while Lil J probably give her the death stare, I'm sure}.  I'm going to blame this cold that knocked me out of my socks last night and is making me feeling like sh*t today.  Pretty much looked and felt like a zombie from The Night of the Living Dead all damn day.  So much so that after she left, I completely forgot about the incident and watched Lil J and Baby Z entertain themselves and each other in the little Gymboree gym.

I mean, this smile would make anyone happy:

And this kid is such a charmer, I can hardly stay mad at him for any long period of time:

We had a grand 'ol time at Gymboree and came home without any incidents.  It wasn't until I was laying in bed with Lil J tonight, waiting for him to fall asleep, that I started thinking about that woman and how she talked my son.  A complete stranger's child.

I'm guessing - and only guessing, since my back was turned - that Lil J had gotten a little too excited with Baby Z and was touching her car seat, which I had put on a couch/chair {it was secure}.  The woman may have touched the car seat to make sure it didn't fall and Lil J went into instant defense mode, understandably so.  Did that warrant such a rude tone from the woman to my son?  It was as if she was offended by Lil J's comment - as if it had come from an adult.  I also noticed that she was in a full-on rage with her own two sons the second I walked through the door.  Maybe Lil J's comment just pushed her over the edge.  A comment from a 3 1/2 year old.  A comment from an overprotective big brother watching over his little sister.  This is almost making me laugh thinking about it.

And to think I smiled at her when we first walked into the gym {and all I got was a blank stare}.

What would you have said if someone talked to your child in a rude manner, when your child didn't do anything to warrant it?  Should an adult ever talk to a young child this way?



  1. I certainly wouldn't like it. It's a tough one because I try not to argue with anyone in front of my child. I probably would have said something, but I would have tried to do it in way that wouldn't scare the kids. Sorry you guys had to go through that. Something tells me you hubby wouldn't be as polite. i know mine wouldn't

    1. My hubby would have ripped her one! I was trying to process what happened but was definitely slower in doing so that day! Oh well!
      Sometimes I look at it like at least I'm not THAT miserable person! Ha!

  2. I would just shrug it off. I don't think it was a malicious comment. Now if the circumstances had been a bit different...Lil J being told off while he was playing with someone else's kid...I would get my mummy defence up big time. I once was at a play gym with both kids and the oldest was having a blast and flying around. Another mother went up to him and scolded him for going to fast and told him to slow down and watch for other kids. It made me get a little hot under the collar but..she was sort of right...but it was still annoying. Personally I don't tell off other peoples kids. Not usually. I have done the extra nice approach when I see something bad potentially happening. The 'ooh be careful!' kind of thing.

    1. Yes! I totally don't get other parents that yell at other people's kids. I mean, come on, they're just kids! I take the exact same approach you do.