Grouse Mountain's Peak of Christmas Review

Whenever I think of Vancouver, I think of the ocean, beaches, parks, forest, Lululemon and, of course, our beautiful mountains.  Specifically our beautiful, snow-covered mountains.  And what better way to experience the mountains than with Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain?

First, we were whisked up the mountain via the Sky Ride - North America's largest aerial tramway system, which took about eight minutes to our destination.  Once we exited the Sky Ride, we made our way into the Peak Chalet to check out the amazing SOS Children's Gingerbread Village.

Waiting for the Sky Ride
SOS Children's Gingerbread Village

Next came antler decorating which was located just outside the Spirit Shop.  Miss S helped Lil J decorate his own "antlers" with stickers and foam cutouts.  He was so proud of it!

Lil J & his antlers!

We then decided to brave the cold and snow outdoors where Miss S had a blast showing off her skills on the ice rink while the rest of us went on a search for Santa and his reindeer.  We found Santa in his workshop and Lil J was in absolute awe!  He talked to Santa for a little bit, told him what he wanted {a red monster truck}, and took a picture with the infamous guy.

Then it was time to take a sleigh ride!  I think this was the part I was most excited about.  What I didn't anticipate was how cold and windy it was, mixed with the fresh falling snow in our faces.  Those conditions combined made it quite the interesting sleigh ride!  Thankfully, we were given an extra blanket to keep ourselves somewhat warm.

We also got to meet Santa's reindeer's, Dasher and Vixen!  Dasher had retired for the night but we were able to see Vixen up close and personal.  What a fun treat for the children!


Daddy G & Lil J checking out the reindeers

All in all, we only spent about three hours at the Peak of Christmas which was just enough time for our two little ones, but I would encourage families with older children to explore a little while longer.  The Peak of Christmas will definitely be on our must-do list every holiday season!

Even reindeers get hungry!

Did you get to explore the Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain this year?  What was your favourite part?



  1. Great review. We really wanted to go this year but never made it up. I really want to check it out next year when the kids are just that much older.

    1. Thanks Andrea! You should definitely check it out next year. Ben will have so much fun!

  2. How nice. I love the idea of seeing the reindeer. My DD's would love that.

    1. Definitely a magical experience for the kids! Wish they had something like that when we were growing up!