our unconventional christmas

While most people were busy 'tis-ing the season and being jolly, my family was busy fighting the flu.  And did it ever hit us hard.  The hubs was out cold on my parent's couch on Christmas Eve {through dinner and everything!} and on Christmas Day - all day.  Then Lil J and I caught the worse of it on Boxing Day and slept the entire day and night.  Even Miss S was feeling under the weather.  The only person who was lucky enough to avoid the whole fiasco was Baby Z {crossing fingers, knocking on wood}.

That being said, we haven't left our house since Christmas Day and, while I'm usually one to leave the house at least once per day, it actually feels kind of liberating to stay home and do nothing all day long.  But then the house starts looking like a pigsty and so on and so forth...

So while everyone was out celebrating the busy holiday season, I was at home taking care of my sickies {myself included!} and it actually felt like we got in some much needed family bonding time.  Plus I think I've logged in enough TV hours for the rest of the year - no pun intended!

How did you spend your Christmas vacation?


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