the art of the potty

This post has been a long time coming and has been inadvertently put on the back burner, time and time again.  First of all, I kind of have a confession to make.  As I'm looking back at these past posts, I really can't believe that I actually got so excited about this.  This meaning...well...this thing also known as potty training.

I had been posting about our journey through this wonderful, magical time in our lives {yes, I'm totally being sarcastic} while Lil J went through his stages and phases.  First, there was the explaining about the art of the potty, then Lil J's curiosity about what the toilet's remote purpose was, then the accidents, and then...boom...the day when Lil J decided it was time.  Also worth mentioning was the week or two when an obsession of Lil J's kicked in - the obsession to do his business in a public area.  Bushes, tress, you name it.  Thank goodness he's a boy.

My main goal was to have Lil J potty trained by the time baby was born, which was about almost six months ago.  So I guess this means that this post is over seven months overdue because Lil J magically decided he was ready for the big boy throne about a month and a half before his baby sister arrived.  Hallelujah!!

Of course, I did worry that he would regress.  I had friends and random strangers telling me this would happen, and would definitely happen once the new baby came around.  Because of these revelations, I braced myself for another round of potty training but, luckily, didn't have to suffer through it.  Lil J was pretty much done with his Pull-Ups {except at nighttime} and I was pretty much done with #1 and #2 anywhere outside where it should be.

Okay, so our first challenge was complete.

Now we had to tackle the nighttime mess.  How in the world?!

I remember talking to a fellow mom who's son was only a couple weeks older than Lil J.  Her son was already fully potty trained - meaning during the daytime and nighttime.  What did she do?  Well, basically her son just stopped doing his business at night.  Wow, it's that easy?  I could only hope.

That night I was on a mission.  I told Lil J to wake me up {or Daddy.  Please let it be Daddy!} whenever he feels like he needs to go to the washroom.  In my mind I could only think logically - like 'this will never happen' or 'it can't be this easy'.  Low and behold, Lil J wakes me up that night to tell me he has to "peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!" {I swear, every time he says it, it's as if the apocalypse is near}.  To say I was amazed would be an understatement.

The nighttime potty training didn't happen overnight {no pun intended}.  It took a few weeks until Lil J caught on and I am happy {and probably safe enough} to say that Lil J is FULLY potty trained.  The end.

Yay for me - ha!

Dear Lil J:  I swear this will be the last potty training post ever!!  Baby sister will be next but that won't be for another couple years...

Were you this excited when your kid{s} were done with potty training?

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