The Great Big Boo #Halloween Musical at the PNE Forum

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to take my family to a showing of the Halloween musical, The Great Big Boo, at the PNE Forum in Vancouver, BC.  Miss S was unable to make it so we took along a friend of Lil J's.

Upon entering the Forum, we were greeted with huge displays of balloons and Halloween decor that made the kids shout "cool!" and "woah!".  We quickly made our way to the bleachers since we were running behind on time and the show had already started.  There were fun looking characters on stage {aka the Boo Alley} such as Sammy Jo Scarecrow, Cranium the Mad Scientist and Frankie the Lounge Singer.  Nothing scary about this cast!

The musical follows Justin and Zoe as they try to save Halloween from the wicked spell that Wendella the Witch has cast on trick-or-treating.  With an original score sung by a number of extremely talented kids and energetic dancing, everyone was on their feet dancing and having a great time.  My favourite parts of The Great Big Boo was how the characters and cast interacted with the crowd and tried to get them involved in the performance by having the cast dance in and near the crowds.  Without spoiling the entire performance, make sure you keep a look out for some special characters that may make their way through the night sky!

The Great Big Boo is suited for kids ages 2 to 12 {kids 24 months and under are free}.  Baby Z also enjoyed the performance - sleeping soundly in her baby carrier.

Lil J's mesmerized by the characters of Boo Alley!

Frankie the Lounge Singer doing his thing!

Little guests are encouraged to come in their Halloween costumes and are invited for a trick-or-treat meet and great with the characters after the performance.  I thought that 50 minutes was the perfect running time for a children's musical given that it wasn't too short or too long.  There was also a 15-20 minute intermission halfway through the performance so that legs can be stretched, bathroom breaks can be taken, tummies can be fed and dance moves can be shown!  I would highly recommend this affordable family friendly event for children of all ages - what better way than to enjoy Halloween entertainment with the entire family while staying warm and dry?!

Did you see The Great Big Boo this year?  What did you think of it?

Disclosure:  The views expressed in this review are my own and do not represent the opinions or views of The Great Big Boo.  We received a complementary tickets to a showing of The Great Big Boo in order to conduct this review. 


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