my dad

This past week has been a blur.  While it has been busy with our daily activities, I've also been worrying about somebody else - my dad.

My dad is someone who always does things out of the goodness of his own heart, he never judges people and always has something nice to say about them, he has an amazing sense of humour and can carry on a conversation for hours, and he is loving, kind, caring and gentle.  He's also fun to be around, puts people around him at ease and has the most genuine heart.  In a few words, he is the best dad and grand-dad ever.

Dad & Baby  Z

Dad & his grand-kids - Baby Z & Lil J!

Last Thursday, I got a call from my mother that my dad was going to the hospital the next day to have an angiogram.  Finally, I thought.  My dad was going to get a close-up look at what was going on around his heart and have corrective surgery if needed.  I met them at the hospital the next day but found it difficult to get any information out of my mom.  Not completely sure why she was withholding information or discouraging me to talk to the nurses but knowing my mom, it was just another control issue and not anything serious.  Before I got the chance to see the nurse myself, we found out that my dad was ready to go home.  We also found out that the doctors were unable to insert a stent to clear up an artery that was fully blocked.  Alas, my dad was scheduled for a second procedure which happened two days ago.

I tried not to think of the worst that could happen and focused on the present.  The doctors had caught the problem in time and were going to do everything they could to correct it.  All I had to do was get my dad to the hospital and cross my fingers that the procedure would go as planned.  I couldn't think of what could happen if it didn't.

The procedure was successful and the doctors were able to clear up the artery that was 100% blocked.  However, my dad still has an artery that is 70% blocked but the doctors are confident that the medication my dad is taking {Plavex} will clear it up.  I'm hoping that this is true.

Dad after his surgery

I can't imagine life without my dad.  He's always been there for me - every time I'm in a jam, whenever I need someone to talk to...he's just that person.  It melts my heart to see my kids' faces light up every time they see their Gong Gong.  He gets a smile from them that's reserved only for him.  All I can say is I'm so glad he's okay and that he's going to be okay.

I love you Dad!


  1. Darn it! You made me cry! I went through a similar experience with my dad 5 months ago. He was taken to the hospital via ambulance while I was on vacation with my family. No one called me to let me know because they didn't want to 'ruin' our family vacation. But I knew something was wrong the minute I landed back in Vancouver. It's weird how that feeling can consume you.
    Nevertheless, my dad is doing well now, although things were shaky the first 2 months. Hang in there. Glad to hear your dad is doing better.

    1. I'm sorry, I thought I had replied to your comment right away!

      I hope your dad is doing well. It's a scary thought that anything would ever happen to them...you know what I mean? Thanks for your kind words about my dad :)