All throughout my recent journey, I couldn't help but wonder how Lil J would react with a baby in his life.  At 2 1/2 {at the time}, I also wasn't sure if he completely understood the concept of what having a baby brother or sister meant to him.  I showed him my growing belly every chance I got, told him he was going to be a big brother soon and that he would have a baby brother or sister.  I also told him that he would be the best big brother ever!

Little did I know Lil J understood every word I was saying.  It also helped that he already had an older sister whom was also getting him excited for the arrival of his baby sister {Miss S would insist it was a girl even though Baby Z was a delivery surprise - good thing she was right!}.

And even though Lil J already had a sibling in Miss S, he had also enjoyed almost 3 years of being the complete center of attention.  How would he react when a new little person steals his thunder?  I had already been a witness to his "possessive" - and completely natural - behavior towards his cousins when it came to myself and Grandma.  It was cute and sometimes just an act to lap up all the attention he could get.  I also felt kind of guilty while I was pregnant.  I didn't want to take all of the attention away from Lil J.  What if he started to resent me?

The one good thing is that Lil J and Daddy G's relationship has strengthened.  He may just be a Daddy's boy now.  That was inevitable, right?!  I love that they have been able to bond while I look after baby.  I had had Lil J to myself for almost 3 years after all.

Daddy's juggling act
Now I know that I never really had to worry about Lil J being jealous about baby.  He had an amazing reaction towards his baby sister and has hardly showed an ounce of jealousy.  And he did understand the concept of having a baby in the family.  He's so proud to show off his baby sister - my baby sister, as he declares.  One time I as I was dropping him off at daycare, a few kids became curious about the baby in the car seat and Lil J made a fist and said sternly with a menacing look, "Don't touch my baby sister!!"  That was a proud mommy moment right there!

Lil J & Baby Z
Photo credit:  Bopomo Pictures
The sibling bond is undeniable between Lil J and Baby Z.  A few days ago, for instance, as I was getting ready, Baby Z was screaming her head off and refused the bottle from Daddy and apparently Lil J was the only one that was able to calm her down.  With his soft, soothing voice {apparently only reserved for Baby Z}, he reassured her that everything would be okay and she literally turned her body towards him and kept trying to lean closer while reaching her tiny arms out to touch him.  Hubby and I were amazed, first, that she was strong enough to be able to turn her body and, second, at the sibling bond so precious it completely melted our hearts.

Lil J & Baby Z
So you see, I had absolutely nothing to worry about!  All my husband and I can do as we raise our kids together is encourage a positive bond between the three kids and remind them that as long as they have each other, they will be able to sail through life's ups and downs smoothly with each other's support.

Sibling Love
Photo credit:  Bopomo Pictures


  1. When our baby joined our family our son grew tremendously! It was amazing to watch him be so gentle and kind to the baby. Sounds like your little guy is growing up and filling his role!

    1. It is amazing, isn't it?! Nice to see our boys come into their own :)