baby z update

It's already been a month and I can't believe how much my baby girl has changed. Born at 4lbs 12oz, Baby Z is now over 7lbs and gaining at a rate if an ounce a day, pretty much strictly on breast milk. I'm supposed to be topping her up with about 25ml of formula but I've been so exhausted lately which has resulted in extreme laziness. I know that sounds selfish since the formula is supposed to help her gain extra weight but I know she's gaining at an amazing rate so I'm not too worried.

She's also been sleeping well the past week during the night {and day} and she is starting to be more alert by looking around and taking in her surroundings.  I still can't believe she's so small - she basically weighs the same as an average newborn, only she's 5 weeks old!  Baby Z is definitely a fighter!!



  1. She is gorgeous and it sounds like you are doing a really great job! 7 lbs is a nice weight gain too. Way to go mama!

  2. She's adorable. My little girl was born at the end of April and she is also a baby Z lol. We called her Zahra :)