the journey 2.0: week 35

To say that it's countdown time is an understatement.  I'm 35 weeks as of yesterday {yay!} and am not the least bit prepared for baby.  We don't have any names picked out {still need to discuss that with hubby}, my hospital bag isn't packed yet, I still haven't pulled out all of Lil J's old newborn clothes and the house is still a disaster.

At my doctor's appointment a couple days ago, she determined that my cervix was still closed which means I'm not ready for any type of induction {thank god!} and that she'll continue to monitor baby.  I am praying that everything will happen naturally and on its own time this time.  We went over the procedures for when I go into natural labor - we're supposed to head to the hospital right away to monitor baby and try to avoid the situation we were in with Lil J.

She also went over the worst case scenarios which wasn't very reassuring for someone who is vying for a VBAC.  All I can do is be adamant that all I want is a VBAC - unless there are circumstances that cannot be foreseen.  Yup, I'm freaking out a little - can you tell?

What went through your head in the last few weeks of your pregnancy?  Did you feel/were you prepared?


  1. You will do great. Don't even stress about all those pre baby things. When you are in the hospital someone else can bring you extra stuff and wash your old newborn stuff.

    I've been the RN for lots of VBACs and I'm sure you are going to do so well. I've also laboured with constant fetal monitoring and an IV, because of my type 1 diabetes, and have had 2 lovely natural births. SO, don't worry too much about the extra equipment. Also, ask for the wireless fetal monitor. You can go in the tub with it too and walk around.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I definitely need it! And thanks for the advice on the wireless fetal monitor. Good to know :)

  2. You are almost there! Don't let them scare you with that VBAC stuff. You can do it. They're required to take extra precautions. Arm yourself with knowledge.

    I was totally not prepared with this last one. I thought had at least a couple of more days to a week but she decided it was time.

    1. Totally! I think my doctor just wants me to be prepared for the worst (worst for me being a c-section) but not necessarily saying the worst is going to happen. It's good to have the knowledge but for a pregnant, hormonal mama, it can be a little stressful!

      I hope I at least have a week off work before baby decides it's time!