the journey 2.0: be careful what you wish for {day 1 & 2 of #bedrest}

If you haven't seen my Twitter updates yet, you'll probably enjoy reading this post.

All throughout my pregnancy I was hoping I could have extra time off to get ready for baby.  I started cleaning up early but as you probably know, keeping a house clean for weeks on end with kids in the mix is a hard feat to accomplish.  Especially if you're already working full-time.  So I ended up leaving a lot of stuff for the last minute - stuff I could do next week while I was off work.

I really need to be careful about what I wish for.

Yesterday, I went for my routine two week ultrasound at the hospital where I'm delivering and the first technician advised that my fluid was low.  She didn't know how low the fluid was so she told me she would measure it against her chart.  While she was working on her report, a second technician came in.  Then I started to worry.  She said she was going to try to find something the other technician couldn't find.  Oh great, I thought.  Then a guy came in.  The technician introduced him as someone that was working with her that day.  Ok.  But then I noticed his jacket said "Dr".  A doctor?  Why would a doctor have to come and monitor my ultrasound?  All I remember afterwards was him taking over and trying to find whatever it was that the other two technicians couldn't find and him telling me I couldn't leave until they talked to their bosses about what to do.

Cue the waterworks. 

I just started bawling.  Right there in front of the doctor.  He was a young guy and he looked just horrified.  And he felt really bad.  I tried telling him that it wasn't his fault and that I just felt like I was reliving my experience with Lil J.  Daddy G wasn't with me and I was afraid they would make me deliver the baby that day.  I was also afraid I wouldn't get ahold of my hubby....again.  But I did and he was at the hospital within 15 minutes.

After waiting around for the technicians to get ahold of my doctor, they advised me to go up to the maternity ward for fetal monitoring.  I thought I'd be in the clinic but they actually ended up admitting me and putting me in a private room.  It was nice but I knew this could mean something serious.  You don't get put in a private room unless the doctors were anticipating something big.  After my fetal monitoring test {or non-stress or NST test} was done, there was more waiting.  I had now been at the hospital for more than four hours and was getting more and more anxious by the second.  My hubby looked extremely uncomfortable trying to sleep on a chair and I was so exhausted and worried, I couldn't even think about sleeping.

A resident came into the room and went over my chart with us.  He told us that the attending doctor would be up to talk to us as soon as possible.  That meant two hours later.

A nurse came in to give me a tray of good 'ol hospital food.  I was hungry again even though I just ate a Timmy's breakfast meal that my thoughtful hubby bought me so I forced myself to eat something resembling vanilla yogurt, a soggy grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup concoction.

Finally, the attending doctor came in and explained our options.  Either I could deliver via c-section that day {WTF?!} or I could go on bedrest.  The results of the ultrasound showing low fluid was borderline severe which meant at least I had an option.  I chose bedrest.  I'm really aiming for a VBAC but, at the moment, my chances of that happening look low.

Today is day #2 of bedrest and it's definitely trying.  There's so much to do around the house and I can't actually do anything about it.  Luckily, my sister-in-law kept me company this morning and brought over my cute godson and some awesome trashy reads:

I was also able to enjoy a bit of sunshine on the way to my doctor's appointment and we had a maternity photo shoot out in our backyard.  Yeah, I kind of cheated on my bedrest today.  Oooops.

Tomorrow I go for another NST test at the hospital so at least I get to get out of the house again.  Have you ever been on bedrest?  Any tips on how to get through it? 

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  1. Glad to hear you get bed rest instead of delivery. Holy cow! Best of luck with your upcoming birth.