do you truly feel like a mom?

Is it safe to say that you truly don't feel like a mom until you have more than one kid?  I've heard other moms say this before and I've definitely felt this way.  Maybe becoming a mother to Lil J was a little more surreal than anything else.  It still is!  Some days I just look at him and can't believe he's mineMy son!

Sometimes I wonder if I feel this way because Miss S is in my life.  We are only 16 years apart which makes it easier for me to relate to her age {so I'd like to think} because my high school years and early 20's are still fresh in my mind. That's a good thing right?  Forever young?

So now that baby #2 is expected to arrive in about 4 weeks, I wonder if it will change my perspective on motherhood.  Or will I still feel the same way - in awe and disbelief that these beings are actually my kids - only just a little more sleep deprived?

Did having more kids change your perspective on motherhood?

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  1. i can't believe you only have four weeks to go! how exciting, i can't wait to wake up one morning and find Swank Baby pics on my instagram :)

    honestly? i feel just the opposite. with Otto, from second #1 i felt intensely like "Otto's Mother" and that my whole being was wrapped up in being his mom. With Loretta (and now with Otto too) I feel like just by virtue of being stretched in so many directions that I am more juggling motherhood with other things like work, personal stuff, family, etc. Not that I don't feel like their mom, but I feel more relaxed and well-rounded about the whole business now. I don't think either feeling is better than the other one though, but definitely don't feel "More" like a mom now.

    ok, xoxoxoxoxo <3