picture perfect

When Lil J was a baby, he used to pose for the camera all the time.  I had no problems getting the perfect smile or the perfect picture.  Now that he's older, he definitely has a mind of his own.  He'll only look at the camera if he "feels like it" or if I ask him to show me his "I'm happy" face.  Even then I might get one or two good shots before he starts playing hide and seek with the camera.

Then the other day I finally discovered our DSLR camera {it's technically my dad's but he got a newer one and since I had bought this one for him, I guess it's mine now right?  Haha!}.  Normally I usually opt for my smaller touchscreen camera for it's compact size and convenience but after testing out the DSLR the other night, I may have to convert!  I got a little trigger happy and was able to take 50+ pictures of Lil J in about 5 minutes.

Here's the current cover photo on my Facebook page:

And here are a couple others that turned out pretty good:

The ones with Lil J smiling directly into the camera where either blurry or ended up a little cross-eyed like this:

I think I've found my new obsession.  Yup, I'm going to be trigger happy for a while.....


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